New at LollilopZ Feb 14 - Gossip!

Gossip It's a hairstyle to fit those moments when we are feeling sexy and up for some adventure. The front part falling over the face ives it a misterious and seductive look.  It is built mostly with sculpties but the flexy prims in the back of the head give it grace and movement.

Join our group: secondlife:///app/group/e41c54b6-68c0-c54a-0d15-978ec7604bce/about

(Just copy and past this link on chat and then click it when it turns blue, then hit "join" on the group's page.
In adition to getting female free hair every month, you will be able to participate in other promotions who are exclusive for group members only as well as getting information about LollipopZ new releases and updates.)


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